Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd.

One of the founders of the RigExpert company Sergei Litvinov (UX1UA) with the onset of russian invasion found himself in the midst of the fiercest battles.
The Russians tried to capture the Gostomel airfield in order to use transport aviation to transfer troops to the seizure of Kyiv. A cozy, green, flourishing, and respectable suburb of Kyiv — Gostomel, Irpen, Bucha, and many neighboring residential areas were completely destroyed and burned by missiles and bombs fired by russian airforces.
One of the best radio amateur positions in Ukraine, UX1UA, located in Gostomel came under fire from the invaders.
Being under the constant shelling Sergei with his wife and three grandchildren was sitting in the basement next to the radioshack just one first day, they wouldn’t have survived the second. For some miracle they managed to slip out from the combat zone.
Thank God that Sergei and his family managed to escape unscathed. Now they are safe.

As we now know, eventually everything was looted and then burned. One of the two dogs, an Alabay named Volcano, who flatly refused to get into the car to escpae, was gunned down by the Russians. All the equipment is destroyed, and the splendid garden with more than 100 trees, is exterminated. Family archives, family photos, vinyl collection collected for all the life, half a million QSL cards, diplomas, warm memories of family evenings, a house with its unique soul, a radioshack built with love — everything disappeared in the fire.

Luckily the RigExpert team survived — we are all alive.
But what many of us have experienced — it’s impossible to put into words.

source: https://www.facebook.com/RigExpertUkraineLtd/posts/1262905027781156